Eastbourne Reserve

Things Are Beginning To Move Along!


  • Eastbourne Reserve is not listed as a contaminated site by the City although anecdotally there has been suggestions it was used as a dump site.
  • From the extensive research undertaken by the SBCG there is no verifiable evidence that the site is contaminated.
  • Recommendation by the City is to plan the use of the land in ways that do not entail major ground disturbing earthworks, Construction of pathways and gazebos for example are acceptable type uses.
  • For guidance, use the Sunset Beach Precinct Plan for the area which was developed through consultation with the Sunset Beach Community which was endorsed by Council early in 2015 for planning.

What Might Bosley Street Reserve Look Like in the Future ?


We’re currently doing research on some possibilities for the Bosley Street Reserve in Sunset Beach. Some of this research will eventually make its way into the draft Bosley Street Reserve Development Plan.

When the draft is complete, and subject to the support from the Sunset Beach community and the City of Greater Geraldton, we’ll begin the process of seeking the funds to implement elements of the Development Plan.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of work ahead, but in the meantime, here’s some images of what we’ve found happening in some other  public open spaces.

If you’d like to help us with the research, and you have images and location details of any other public open spaces with features you feel could apply to Bosley Street Reserve, then please get in touch by sending us a message on the contact form on this website.