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We like to think that SBCG Inc. is a progressive, innovative and dedicated community organisation with one single aim - to serve the Sunset Beach Community.

A successfull community group demands a substantial commitment from its members in time and effort. This is certainly the case with our committee members, and others within the community who support our committee. We all donate our time and effort voluntarily, and we're happy to do so.

We spend quite a bit of time making submissions for financial grants. These are mostly offered by local, state and federal government sources. However, these are almost always restricted to the delivery of "on-the-ground" projects, such as the development of Eastbourne Reserve into a beautiful community public open space - a project we're currently working on.


However, there are other day-to-day costs associated with operating a community group that are not covered by grants. These may include :

  • stationery, postage and signage
  • incoporation registration fees and renewals
  • insurances for sponsored events
  • telephone
  • website hosting, domain registration and email services

and these are just some of our recurring expenses.

Donate today and help us to make the suburb of Sunset Beach a truly great place to live, work and play!

Just click on the "Make a Donation" button above. Any donation, big or small will be greatfully accepted and put to very good use to benefit everyone in our community.

The SBCG Inc. maintains audited financial records, and our Annual Report includes all sources of revenue, including donations. Please note that we do not identify our donors without their express permission.

We use Paypal to process donation payments. It's secure, quick and easy to use. Paypal will accept most major credit or debit cards, and of course while it's not a requirement, you can donate from your Paypal account if you already have one.