Community Safety Day 2014

SBCG members at Community Safety DaySafety First

Caring About the Safety of You and Those Around You

Community Safety Day this year, sponsored by the City of Greater Geraldton as part of the Sunshine Festival Season, was a great success.

The Sunset Beach Community Group were there to promote our organisation, encourage new members to join, and generally just enjoy a great day outdoors.

You can learn more about CGG Community Safety Days on the City’s website. SBCG would like to thank the staff at CGG for this great opportunity.


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  1. Webinate on 25 October 2014 at 4:29 am

    My hearty congratulations to everyone from the Sunset Beach Community Group who made time to help with the CGG Community Safety Day. This is an important day for every community, and especially for those new to Town. Good effort everyone.