Annual Reports

Annual Report 2014-15


The Sunset Beach Community Group year, with Anne Finlay Chairperson for the group, began with a nomination for the Active Citizens Awards on Australia Day. It was an exciting event for the group not only to be recognised, but it also gave members the chance to meet and network with other community groups. At this time Anne informed the group that she needed to stand down for 12 months to get her degree in Masters Business Administration, and Bryan Bird took on the role of Acting Chairperson during her absence.

2015 saw the SBCG erecting its signature sign on the Glenfield IGA’s wall on the south side of the building. The sign displays our Logo which was created by talented local artist Janeen Horne. Brian Clow from Midwest Signs made the sign itself and arranged for it to be placed on the agreed site. The SBCG owe a debt of gratitude to John Lohman and Nathan Tomms who generously gave us permission to erect the sign on Glenfield IGA property, and have now also given us our own notice boards with Logo in the northern entrance of the building. Another exciting milestone for the group.

During the year members of the SBCG committee attended the Neighbourhood Development Groups networking event, the Community Summit and the Lotterywest workshop presenting information on the types of grants available, to name a few.

Round 6 of the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) community grants were applied for and granted to the SBCG to be spent on the Triton Place Concept Plan completed by Stephen Vigilante.

Last July, great teamwork went into the slide presentation given by Stephen Vigilante, Concept Planner, outlining the optional Plans for Triton Place and the Eastbourne Reserve. The presentation was well attended by the Sunset Beach community.

Other milestones were:

  • Extensive research into contamination on the Eastbourne Reserve showed no recorded evidence of contamination
  • Being given free hire of the Macedonian Society of Geraldton’s hall for 12 months
  • A mutually rewarding meeting with Ken Diehm and the CGG regarding the Development of Structures on POS requesting community consultation and involvement

This month we had the very successful and unique Grunge Markets for kids on the Eastbourne Reserve which promoted the SBCG and brought us many new members.

This year again, the SBCG were involved in the WA 11th Annual Beach Clean-up which was well supported by the Geraldton community.


  • Rob Jefferies – Congratulations on the SBCG Website it is great!
  • Bronte Grant – Wow love your groups logo!!
  • Samantha Adams – It is very exciting to see what you are achieving through the SBCG……… It’s great to see such a proactive group in action.
  • Dave Caudwell – Much great work done over the past year, and I’d like to see it acknowledged with this award (Australia Day 2015 – Awards Ceremony)
  • Felicity Beswick 2014 – The work that your group does is integral to the community….
  • John Lohman 2014 – …… your group is doing a wonderful job for our part of Geraldton
  • Neryl Beer 2014 – I would personally like to thank you for your enthusiastic participation and awesome effort with the stalls

Another productive and satisfying year for the SBCG. Next year hopefully we’ll be able to formalise the Concept Plans and put them into action.

Awesome teamwork committee, many thanks to all.