Getting To Know The SBCG


Now this is a sunset!

Late in the day looking west from Sunset Beach, Western Australia

Sunset Beach Community Group Inc. is a local organisation, made up of residents who live in the locality of Sunset Beach, a suburb within the City of Greater Geraldton on the central coast of Western Australia’s Midwest Region.

We love where we live, and we all want to see our community thrive and grow while still retaining and enhancing those key features that make Sunset Beach a great place to live, work and play.


In 2013 the City of Greater Geraldton and some interested local residents came together during a series of workshops to develop a shared vision of how Sunset Beach will look as it grows and develops in the years ahead.

The discussions at these workshops were captured and refined into what is now called the Draft Sunset Beach Precinct Plan. The Plan has been open for public comment, has been amended in response to some of the feedback, and is now in its final form due to be considered for formal implementation by our local Council.

The Sunset Beach Community Group Inc. was a flow-on from the community workshops. We began with a small number of local people, and within our community of some 1200 individuals comprised of about 330 families, we now have 260 Sunset Beach residents  on our regular mailing list.

If you would like to become a member of the Sunset Beach Community Group Inc., please send us a membership application email.

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We intend to continue :

  • consulting with our community on all/any matters that may have a material impact on Sunset Beach
  • being a strong voice on behalf of the Sunset Beach community
  • seeking out and promoting innovative and exciting ideas that will help to attract and retain residents in Sunset Beach
  • identifying and applying for grant funding for projects that will help our community to develop and grow
  • working with our local government (City of Greater Geraldton) to ensure there is a shared vision for the future of Sunset Beach

Our Vision

SBCG’s objective is to to create a strong united voice and identity on issues pertaining to Sunset Beach and to improve the liveability of our community.

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Our Objectives

  • to build and maintain a strong sense of pride and place in the community and locality of Sunset Beach
  • to strive for greater connectedness within the community
  • to engage Sunset Beach residents and the wider community in community activities
  • to improve liveability of Sunset Beach