Balance community aspirations with our social, economic and natural environments.


Develop long term strategies for how and where our community wants to live, work and play.


Attract funding, knowledge and expertise to support Sunset Community's lifestyle aspirations.


Build our community through relationships with residents, ratepayers, business and government.

Welcome to the Sunset Beach Community Group

We humans love nothing better than being part of a community - we like to "belong". That's exactly what we're all about at Sunset Beach Community Group Inc.

As individuals it can be very difficult to create change. But, as a community with a shared vision about what we want and hope to achieve in our surrounding neighborhood,  simply by working together we believe many more things are made possible.

If you live in or around Sunset Beach Geraldton and you're interested in what the area can offer as it develops into the future, consider joining us at SBCG. We'll make you welcome.

What's been happening in Sunset Beach??

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Quick Contact

Phone: 0435 491 123                Email: admin@sbcg.org.au

Post:   PO Box 3496  Bluff Point WA 6530


We would love to see you at our regular meetings!


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Rob Jefferies – Congratulations on the SBCG Website it is great!

Bronte Grant – Wow love your groups logo!!

Samantha Adams – It is very exciting to see what you are achieving through the SBCG……… It’s great to see such a proactive group in action.

Dave Caudwell – Much great work done over the past year, and I’d like to see it acknowledged with this award (Australia Day 2015 – Awards Ceremony)

John Lohman 2014 – …… your group is doing a wonderful job for our part of Geraldton

Neryl Beer 2014 – I would personally like to thank you for your enthusiastic participation and awesome effort with the stalls

Felicity Beswick 2014 – The work that your group does is integral to the community….